Frequently Asked Questions

What are the opening times?


Ellis is open 7 days a week!
Check your favourite restaurant in 'LOCATIONS' for the exact opening times.

Can I make a booking?


Ellis Gourmet Burger likes to give everyone the opportunity to find somewhere to sit in the restaurant that suits them. That way, if people just drop in spontaneously or make arrangements with other people to go for a bite to eat with us, we want everyone to feel really welcome. 

In some restaurants, though - see the list below - you can make a booking by telephone for groups of 6 and more (1 bill per table).

Simon Stevinplein: +32(0)50 80 00 00
Jourdanplein: +32(0)2 486 00 00
Zeedijk: +32(0)50 62 02 62 (only in the winter season)
De Keyserlei: +32(0)3 689 97 03 (not on Friday evening, Saturday and Sunday)
Eilandje: +32(0)3 344 54 55  (not on Friday evening, Saturday and Sunday)
Yzerenleen +32(0)15 14 01 60 (bookings not possible on Friday evening, Saturday and Sunday)
Saint Antoine +33 1 43 14 08 30 (bookings not possible on Friday evening, Saturday and Sunday)

Is Take Away available as well?


Yes, of course! Check our Take Away Menu under 'MENU' and simply order from your favourite restaurant!

Where will the next Ellis Gourmet Burger restaurants be opening?


We will keep you informed!
Please feel free to let us know if you know of a good location for a future Ellis!!


How can I order a gift certificate?


You can buy the gift certificate in one of our restaurants 
The voucher is valid for 6 months and is redeemable in all Ellis Gourmet Burger Restaurants.

(No refund in cash possible)

Can I submit a proposal for a new burger?


What does your perfect burger look like? The fattier the better, or light and refined? Simple and uncomplicated, or a culinary tour de force? Spicy and something to get your teeth into, or soft and sweet? From the farm just round the corner or somewhere more exotic? Have you already eaten that perfect burger or is it still only part of your dreams? What ever it is, let us know!

Where does the meat used by Ellis Gourmet Burger come from?


Flavoursome, juicy, pure and authentic. This four-leaf clover of requirements is essential for Ellis Gourmet Burger when it comes to selecting the beef for our hamburgers. Quality assurance begins out there in the pasture and ends on your plate. We attach a great deal of importance to giving you the most delicious and pure meat that Nature has to offer. With that in mind, we work with Holstein cattle, which as so-called dual-purpose animals also deserve double our respect. After they have spent their days providing litres of milk as dairy cattle, at the end of their career their fine, juice meat is processed for you to eat. Pieces from around the neck are particularly rich in flavour and it is these pieces that are specially selected for our burgers. Pure meat with the kind of authentic flavour that comes from cows that have always been fed with first-class milk production in mind. Meat simply can't taste any purer.

Are there any job vacancies at Ellis Gourmet Burger?


To help our growth to continue smoothly, we are always looking for enthusiastic employees who have a passion for people. You'll be given plenty of training so that you get to know all about the Ellis DNA. Take a look under 'JOBS' for more information.

Can I hire an Ellis foodtruck?


You'll find our foodtruck at festivals and events, but you can also hire it for private occasions. For more information, contact us via

Where will I find information about allergens?


Because of the possibility of cross-contamination, both at our suppliers and in our kitchen, we are unable to guarantee that any of our products are totally without allergens.

Please feel free to ask our staff any additional questions about allergies. The composition of our dishes can be different. 

Who doesn't like cookies?